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Modern Soul Media was created by a collaborative group of young artists, writers & digital creators as a medium to communicate the importance of our working lives; to celebrate ethical businesses & explore the wonders of low-impact artists & their crafts.

My name is Morgan, and I am the soul photographer of Modern Soul Media; I am on a mission to shed some light on ethics via the art of documentary photography.

In a fast-paced world where everything seems to need high monetary value (to the detriment of our environment) to survive; I would like to explore the world of ethical practices in business, design, products & services… and of course, out-of-the-box creativity & pure skill.

My goal is to elegantly showcase the immense value & positive impact that these individuals, artists & businesses are creating. I want to see ethical business practices nourished to become a standard expectation & to see social pressure placed where it is well overdue.

I hope to meet craftsman who have rediscovered lost or dwindling arts, shake the hands of entrepreneurs who have found ways to run a profitable ethical business – Maybe they have developed a new philosophy to consumerism, or offer a living wage or perhaps they have found a way of de-escalating the impact of an industry on the planet.

I wish to break unhealthy stigmas wide open & ponder what can we learn from our ancestors about how they worked & lived. But most of all, I wish to unearth what it really means to have meaningful work as a modern human. How will we be progressive & adapt to an ever-changing world.

Campbell | Media & film graduate | Videographer | Photographer

Morgan | Documentary photographer | Cinemagraph artist | Photo retoucher