Shakespeare Bay

Shakespeare Bay

I hadn’t been home to New Zealand in over two years – It was just a little bit overwhelming to see fragments of what use to be a comforting past – The places I once knew, were vastly changed & altered beyond my recognition. And yet, I clung to the pieces I once knew to be home.

My Grandparents Pamela & Keith, took me to their favourite walking trail near Shakespeare Bay. This wonderful slice of preserved wilderness in Whangaparaoa New Zealand, is a ever increasing rarity. After a brief run-in with quite a technical fence – where park rangers ensured you cleaned & sanitised your shoes for potential Rimu-killing spores… We entered a peaceful & beautiful forest. The fuzzy bumble bees, buzzing atop the tiny white honey flowers, how the light precisely beamed through the trees – as if to highlight which leaves were worthy of the suns gaze. The gentle turns of the paths, the smell of moss encompassing ancient rocks under the cool canopy & the sound of the water filtering down the glossy rock-face.

The delight on the faces of my Grandparents as I put them closer to each other than what is typically needed for a regular day – The childlike happiness was playful & kind.

I am so fortunate to be able to sit, stare & wonder about the little things – To be free enough to be at peace with the little joys that life has to offer me. To consider how easily it can all change, how it could all be gone – leaves me very certain, that it should never be taken for granted.

Enjoy every moment.

Lots of Love,
Your Granddaughter Morgie

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