The Byul family

The Byul family

When I first heard that my best friend was expecting her 2nd child – I knew I wasn’t going to miss it. The unexpected & undeserved struggles that she went through with her first beautiful girl, was enough to throw me into a state of flux.

This time felt different for both of us;  For some reason – a sweeping wave of calmness filled our hearts, leaving us both just enough room to breathe. It was relaxed and calm, enjoying the process of pending change & new dynamics.

It did not take long to confirm that in fact, this beautiful young family were actually awaiting the arrival of TWINS. Yes! Twins. That’s twice of all the experiences and emotions that come along with any new pending family member.

I held on tight as the two little boys made their arrival into the world at 33.5 weeks. It was by no means ideal, but again – It just had a way of working out OK. Each little bundle grew exponentially every day, they were thriving & they were determined to define what it meant to be a premature baby for themselves. As if it was divine timing, I was able to be present as these tiny miracles entered their home for the first time. What an honour. The little dragon, intended as a gift from the twins to their big sister – was quickly sympathetically gifted back to watch over them, much like Schrodinger the cat.

I can’t express how incredible this Mama is – Defying the odds, completely obliterating expectations & pushing well beyond them – Tandem feeding & being released from hospital early, then continuing to thrive at home.

I am not sure where I fit in, but I am just glad I was able to help where I could & witness such a beautiful family discover their new normal & do it with such strength & generosity.

I love you more than you could know.

Love, Morgie